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Coach Phil's Mission

Our mission at Soccer Skills University is to develop expert soccer skills while building excellent character in every athlete. The main goal is to develop world-class athletes who have world-class character. At Soccer Skills University, we focus on three pillars: Developing Skills, Building Character, and Producing Leaders. 

2019-2020 Programs

We specialize in (1on1) and small group training.

1on1 Private Training

(1 Player, 1 Coach) 

Our 1on1 Private Training Program is a very specific program that focuses solely on each players development.

*(6 Month Minimum Commitment Required*)

Small Group Training

(4-6 Players, 1 Coach)

Our group training program happens on Thursday evenings throughout the year. This is for the players who are looking for accountability and a competitive environment where others are pushing each other to be better.

*(6 Month Minimum Commitment Required) 


(10 players, 1 Coach) 

Our Camps/Clinics is for the athletes that simply want a competitive environment and for others to push them to get better. This is a chance for athletes to get extra touches on the ball in a fun environment outside of their daily practice.


"I have been really impressed with Phil's ability to quickly assess where a player has an opportunity for improvement and then cater a training program around their individual needs. My kids really enjoy his coaching style. He has an effective way of pointing out ways to improve that are encouraging and motivating."

Ben Stewart
Addie's Dad

"“My daughter has only had three lessons so far and has learned more with Phil than in all the years she's been playing soccer. Phil has taught her so many new drills and her confidence level has risen tremendously. Phil is extremely nice and energetic and makes each lesson enjoyable.” "

Julie S.
Addi's Mom

"“Needed a trainer ASAP and I'm so happy I found Phil. To begin with, my daughter thinks he's great and that means she's eager to learn and excited for future training sessions. Secondly, his efficiency within that hour of training is spot on. There's a purpose for everything and not a minute is wasted. Thank you, Phil!”"

Mark Meraji
Mara's Dad

"It's not just about helping athletes get better at the game of soccer; it is about giving athletes the right tools to get through life."

- Coach Phil

We care about your child achieving their goals!

Coach Phil pushes his students to work hard and dream big on and off the field.

Developing Skills

Our goal each week is to push your child to be better than they were last week. Consistency over time will always lead to results!  

Building Character

Most athletes don't understand what good character qualities are. It is our goal at Soccer Skills University to teach your child how to have excellent character on and off the field. 

Producing Leaders

What better way to teach leadership than through the game of soccer. We believe that every person has the potential to be a leader regardless of your background. 



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